The Resurrection of Gucci

You’d have to be sleeping under a rock if you haven’t noticed Gucci’s rise to fashion glory. Over the past few seasons, the rules of fashion have been single handedly dismantled as each collection has featured both men and women strutting in a playful assortment of ruffles, appliqués, hardcore footwear and bright colors, pushing boundaries to create an overall eclectic, gender-fluid display. A stark contrast from the craftsmanship centered and structured collections of the former Creative Director, Frida Gianinni, Gucci has become a brand that is intriguing to every style preference from preppy to street wear. And it’s all thanks to the current Creative Director, Alessandro Michele.

Holding true to Gucci’s roots, Michele has pulled from the vault icons like the Double G logo and revived the classics with his youthful, whimsical flair. Michele has somehow managed to create timeless collections all while tastefully juxtaposing modern street wear with trends from periods of the past, infusing his love for vintage.

After being the Head of Accessories at Gucci since 2002 and with Fendi under Karl Lagerfeld in the late 90’s, Michele was thrust into the spotlight in 2015 when Gianinni abruptly departed the label. The fashion world was left in shock and doubt as Michele’s design abilities had not been vetted and was seen as a careless risk for CEO Marco Bizzarri to take. However, the newly appointed director turned out to be the jolt that Gucci so desperately needed.

Named as 2016’s top fashion brand, Michele has not only rejuvenated the Gucci name and image, but has shaken up the fashion world with his unrivaled vision and foresight, proving he was worth the risk. The Creative Director’s “anything goes” approach has successfully relaunched the Italian label as one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Celebs like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Cardi B have been seen out and about rocking pieces from the latest collections. Guess you could say taking a chance on Michele was all worth it in the end.

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